Car Hauler Trucks For Sale

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Car Hauler Trucks For Sale

car hauler trucks for sale

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Open Car Hauler Trailer

Open Car Hauler Trailer
TESTIMONIAL: All Pro West Trailers found me a trailer in inventory that provided me with a perfect fit for my situation. I have always tried to own a trailer that could haul my vehicles home if they ever broke down, and bring home any gem that I would find…. but the trailer I had for the past 15 years was old and broken down.. shaky hand winch.. missing a ramp…I showed up with that trailer in tow, having visited the website, and hoped that I could leave without my old trailer, and with a deal on my "ideal trailer". I left Tim my ’88, and came back one week later and picked up an 18′, Full deck Power Tilt, 16100# GVWR, 8000# winch, dual axle brakes, and black to match my truck. It’s the prefect trailer for my needs. The whole purchase experience with Tim was very professional, and personal. But the best thing about the whole deal ends up being the trailer itself. It is so smartly designed, most evident to me from a clearance standpoint. The license plate is mounted high on the drivers side fender, and there’s nothing under the back of the beaver-tail end of the trailer. The trailer rides very low to the ground, but it doesn’t scrape on the steep entrance to my driveway. I’ve attached a picture of my first haul with the trailer… my 64 Chevy Van, complete with canine passengers. And, based on my experience, I would recommend All Pro West for any trailer purchase, and Tim as the guy to make sure you were satisfied.

Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction Custom PeterBilt

Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction Custom PeterBilt
This rig pretty much speaks for itself. It was an actual vehicle used by Reliable Couriers. Wild one for sure. This truck was not for sale.

Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction Orange County California, 2010.

car hauler trucks for sale